In Adobe Acrobat X Pro (not for free), you can use the Edit Document Text tool to find out about Fonts being used:
  1.  Click Tools on the documents menubar in the top right corner to show the side menu of tools
  2.  Open the Content area in the right sidebar and locate and select the Edit Document Text tool
  3.  Select some text in the PDF
  4.  Right-click and select Properties...
  5.  The Text tab of the properties dialog shows the Font being used and Font Size in points

To convert point to pixel it is not that difficult.

Here are the two formulas you can use to do the conversion.

To convert pixel to point:    pixels * 72 / 96 = points


To convert point to pixel:    points * 96 / 72 = pixels


To convert font-size to line-height:    font-size * 1.2 = line-height